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The date actually usually does reset to 2006 but haven't noticed if it's the same day/month in 06.

What could be the cause of this and how could I fix this?

If not it may be that you have a malware infection, or something mechanical may have gone wrong (your storage is full, you don't have enough RAM or something has overheated and broken).

System Restore is a limited but brilliant tool - it won't delete a virus or mend a broken fan.

But, if it doesn’t solve the problem, then, to restore computer to earlier date is a wise idea to bring your computer to a correct working state.

As your PC is showing 2006 you might find that some files that you have created since that date which is probably every data file on your PC will have difficulty opening.We'll explain how later.) Restore points capture the settings of your system at a point you know it was working well.If something goes wrong you can slip back to that point, and everything should be okay.To do so, you should backup system first and then a software with “system restore” utility is a key so that you can restore your PC to an earlier point in time with the point-in-time image. System restore is easy to achieve for AOMEI Backupper which is a powerful backup and restore software.If the current system can run normally, we can carry out the operations by directly launch this software in Windows.

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