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Although their 9-1-1 calls are answered at the Consolidated 9-1-1 Center, Folly Beach Public Safety withdrew their participation and maintain their own Dispatch Center from which they dispatch the 9-1-1 calls transferred to them.

Disclaimer: Reasonable efforts are taken to ensure the accuracy of the non-emergency and administrative numbers listed below.

A Staff team has been studying this complex issue for approximately six years, considering the best practices of other entities, closely monitoring changes in state regulations and countywide-dispatching protocols, and exploring opportunities with potential consolidation partners that could satisfy our service level requirements as well as current and future technological needs.

Having concluded that consolidation with a regional dispatching center is the City's best option for meeting the community's emergency dispatching needs into the future, in early 2015 initial contract discussions were begun with the City of Columbus.

WSCDC is a proud member of IL-TERT (Illinois Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce), an intergovernmental mutual aid program intended to send Telecommunicators to disaster situations in Illinois and throughout the country, as well as provide Telecommunicators to other Illinois 9-1-1 centers that encounter crisis situations.

Our professionally trained and skilled Telecommunicators are ready to answer your call for assistance and dispatch the appropriate resources to meet your needs.

The dispatcher will have the ability to send a Kenilworth officer to the lobby, or provide other assistance through the service kiosk.

As required by the State, the Village of Kenilworth is merging its 911 Dispatch Services with the Villages of Glencoe, Northfield and Winnetka.Total 9-1-1 Calls: 327,643Total Ten-digit Inbound Calls: 396,821Total Ten-digit Outbound Calls: 312,346 Total Call Volume for 2016: 1,036,810 * Total EMS/Fire/Rescue Incidents: 73,445Total Law Incidents: 763,397Total Incident Volume for 2016: 836,842 *EMS Incidents (tracked by E/F/R starting in 2016) Total 9-1-1 Calls: 341,207Total Ten-digit Inbound Calls: 410,932Total Ten-digit Outbound Calls: 345,479 Total Call Volume for 2015: 1,097,618 Total Fire/Rescue Incidents: 66,391Total Medical Incidents: 59,484Total Law Incidents: *766,220Total Incident Volume for 2015: 892,095 *The 2015 Law Incidents are lower than they were in 2014.This reduction is because in previous years we were adding spawned calls that were cancelled.Police services are not being considered for change and residents are not anticipated to notice much of a difference.The consolidation will result in a reduction in hours the front desk is staffed and where 911 calls are answered.

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