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There are only a handful of essay questions that you can opt to fill out as part of your profile later.

For casual daters this may be just right, but part of the reason many folks come to a dating website is for a little help with matching. This dating site does offer a fair amount of control in your searches, though there are sites that have more ways to filter.

Tap of the phone, that is.“Apps are the new rage,” says Julie Spira, a leading online dating expert and author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love.”“It’s like a game,” she says.

“It’s a fun and easy way to meet someone really on the fly, same day and same night.”Roughly 40 million people in the United States use some form of digital dating, according to online dating site

Dating someone new may be the single most fun moment in a person’s life.

On the other hand, seeing your new person log into your favorite game and say “hi!

While these apps provide the comfort of avoiding the dreaded blind-date awkwardness, as you get to know the person on the other end well enough beforehand, they also minimize the possibility of you finding 'the one'. Nevertheless, in celebration of singledom, here are some apps that seem to have found their way to every smartphone's homescreen.1.In 2011, “Americans spent a greater share of time on mobile dating apps than they did on dating websites,” according to the report.“Today, the vast majority of online dating companies have a mobile app....Tinder, which launched in October, is a free anonymous dating app that “matches” people with other users within a 30-mile radius based on mutual interest and mutual Facebook friends.Alexa Mateen, the social media director at Tinder, says the beauty of Tinder is that it is “kind of a second chance to meet people you wouldn’t naturally meet.”“There’s nothing too binding about it,” says Ms. “What’s scary about other websites is people were afraid and embarrassed to be on it.”From friendships to relationships, Tinder is whatever people want it to be, she says.

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