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HIV Gay Dating Sites we reviewed blow are good choices to avoid such embarrassments.Read our reviews and find the perfect HIV Dating Site for you.The 3,250 gay and bisexual men who were diagnosed with HIV in 2012, comprise the highest annual figure for new HIV-infection since the start of the epidemic.Public health officials state that the group most likely to transmit HIV are those who are HIV-infected and untested or unaware of their HIV status. Because I’m HIV-positive, I’m on treatment and the virus is undetectable in my body, yet I’m seen as unclean, untouchable and unattractive. Why the world at large and of course my ever-empathetic fellow homosexuals. It may sound as though I’ve got a massive chip on my shoulder but recent rejections, both subtle and downright rude, have confirmed my status as a social pariah even within my own community. There are hundreds of reasons why people won’t find me attractive, not the least of which is my chronological age.

The identification of HIV-related stigma as a priority for a province-wide campaign arose from a lengthy community-based committee process.People with HIV have had 30 years of infection, survival, getting treatment, getting through that treatment, eventually becoming healthy and undetectable and being proved to be safer sexual options than anyone who isn’t tested and yet we’re still the ‘unclean’ to be avoided and demeaned at all costs.I accept that it will take some time for the general population to catch up with the news that undetectable people can’t pass on the virus but I hate the fact that nobody is interested in publicizing that news. It’s the same problem that refuses to accept that Treatment as Prevention will bring down HIV transmission and screams attacks on personal liberty if it’s suggested that everybody gets tested and if need be, treated for HIV.In fact the Health Protection Agency reports that the incidence of STI’s in London’s general population has been rising dramatically since 2010 ( File/HPAweb_C/1317137359627).MSM are disproportionately over represented in these figures, accounting for 18% of new STI diagnosis in men, while estimated at only 5.5% of the adult male population.

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