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He told me in December he didn't want to lead me on.

A month later in January after we decided to stay friends, he decides he wants to start dating me.

He’s a married guy with tons of relationship experience, and a skilled advice giver who’s here to answer all your pressing sex, dating and relationship questions. Email him at I’ve been dating this amazing guy for 10 months.

Two months into our relationship, he told me he loved me and I realized I loved him back. He spends less time with me and stopped saying he loved me (the only exception is when he’s drunk).

Some days he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, other days he’s not so sure. The other item we discussed is that we don’t ever really talk about the deep stuff, that even though we’ve been dating for a while, we don’t actually know each other all that well.

He thinks maybe if we continue seeing each other and getting to know each other better, his feelings may change.

God bless the fella who will tell you his intentions up front.

But for most men, catching on to their subtle (and not-so-subtle) cues can be an easier way to get their message and avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

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On the physical and emotional levels, a guy who will not share just doesn’t want to go too deep.

That can be fine for a fling, but it’s not worth making an emotional investment on your part.

He takes forever to text or email you back In this technological age, there is nothing easier than sending someone a quick email or text. He maintains physical and emotional distance Does he often break eye contact, even in private?

If your male companion takes hours — or even days — to respond to these simple forms of communication with even one line of acknowledgment, it’s time to kick him to the curb. He might not be sending you a text message, but he is certainly sending you a clear message of another kind. Or withhold sharing personal details about his life?

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