Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side review

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She narrates readers through her daily life and all the qualms that come along with it.

On her first day of school, a tall, dark, and handsome stranger seems to be following Jessica around.

This book is very well written, easy to follow and everything was described in a way that allowed me to picture it all in my head. I will say that this book was a little slow for me.

I often found myself getting frustrated with Jessica and Lucius because they never seemed to be able to “get together”.

Can she learn to step into her destiny or will she choose the comforts of a normal life instead?

I loved Jessica and Lucius; I read their story in a span of two days and couldn't shake it from my head for weeks.

Fantaskey makes this premise work by playing up its absurdities without laughing at them, endowing Jessica with a coolly ironic sensibility and Lucius with old-world snobberies that Jessica's girlfriends find irresistible.

Jessica's laidback parents serve as foils for imperious Lucius ("Can I ever again be happy in our soaring Gothic castle after walking the halls of Woodrow Wilson High School, a literal ode to linoleum?

Reeling from the new information and not quite believing it until she sees the changes in herself Jessica fights the knowledge and her growing attraction to Lucas.Jessica has always known that she was adopted, but she never expected her past to come waltzing up to her front door to introduce itself.Lucius insists that Jessica is a Romanian vampire princess and he is her betrothed.Jessica doesn't want to be a princess and being engaged is the last thing on her mind.She's more concerned with passing tests and the cute farm boy from down the road.

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