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It’s a classic middle school breakup: he said/she said drama. On Thursday, she comes to Kansas City to talk about her harrowing new book, “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers.” “From behind a screen, people, both adults and kids, tend to be more bold, aggressive and even unethical,” Sales told me.

“It really hurts to see another child like this." Russ Tuttle with the Stop Trafficking Project said it’s a serious issue in the greater Kansas City area he wants to bring awareness and action to through education.“There's such a demand in the greater Kansas City area of mostly men looking mostly through online resources to purchase children for sexual purposes,” Tuttle said.

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Netherton, who has 10 grandchildren, said it was an eye opener.“It really breaks your heart, it really does,” she said. To me this is life changing really.”Tuttle said he’s spoken to roughly 20,000 students over the past 18 months.“39 percent of the students that we have presented to are indicating that, ' Yes I have met someone in person after having met them online and or actively sending nudes,'” he said. But when this 13-year-old girl and her boyfriend break up, he doesn’t just tell a lie to his friends.It’s been four years since the 15-year-old Canadian’s suicide made headlines and broke hearts around the world.In 1961 he enrolled at Morton Junior College in Cicero to become a medical X-ray technician, but dropped out after two years.In 1964 he moved to Kansas City and married Nancy Jo Lynch, who gave birth to their first child, John Jr., in 1965, followed by a daughter, Kimberly, in 1967, and twins Christopher and Christine in 1971.

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