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Also: SPOILERS AHEAD.) The first young American we meet is Will Krudski (Rodney Scott), who has lived his entire life in the city of New Rawley, a “typical” New England town. Cut to a scene of an as-yet unknown “Rawley boy” buying a Coke from an as-yet unknown townie girl who works in the town’s gas station/garage. Will arrives at Rawley and meets the Rawley boy, who turns out to be Scout Calhoun (Mark Famiglietti), his roommate.Do I sense flirtation in her “Need directions to Rawley? Will’s earned a scholarship to attend the prestigious Rawley Academy, an all-boys boarding school, for the summer session. The intricate and fun story script and the excellent acting made the show worth keeping. "Ham," played by Guess Jeans model Ian Somerhalter, and whose blue eyes are lit from the inside, thinks he's gay for loving "him," and is relieved when Jake looses the trusses one night.

Perhaps it’s my love of that era of WB television; perhaps it’s the the fun of watching celebrities in their early years of stardom; perhaps it’s the entertainment value of Shakespeare-style shenanigans. We are not condoning violence, this show just happens to be extremely violent in nature. Evan Rachel Wood was seen cuddling with Katherine Moennig, as the pair waited for their car outside of Real Food Daily in West Hollywood, California on Friday - following reports of a budding relationship Prior to their public appearance, Wood attended the launch party for photographer Jeff Vespa’s new book, The Art Of Discovery, held at Brooks Brothers on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, in which she arrived alone.(They have a lot of enemies.)So here’s what we learned about Lena from the first season of the drama, which will return next year on Showtime.1. Before admitting as much in the finale, she punched both her married lover and Ray’s chained up one-time mistress—even after the girl said she had epilepsy.2. When Ray needs her to stall, she’ll pretend to work for a modeling agency and take pictures of preteens with easily-influenced moms.3. And so is Avi, who works as closely with Ray as she does. Avi told Lena to talk to her girlfriend about “her feelings, tell her you love her.” And that’s when Lena goes to her work and knocks her out. The moment in the finale where she’s sitting by Avi’s side in the hospital is the first real show of emotion from Lena.4. Both the woman in her bed in the pilot and her married love interest have light hair.

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