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That's something a lot of ugly bitches are Shoot at ya whip, bullets will flip ya car I grip ya jaw and pull ya little face apart with a fucking Jiu-Jitsu cloth I'm a G, keep it a hundred and three Turn around little man, you square enough to live in that pineapple under the sea Now Grindtime hit me back up, Lush put a few more stacks up Sent a new mission, a stool pigeon gotta be hit, with a mac truck So I'ma play the mac truck, guess who got the pigeon role? so the fruit don't fall far from the tree I'm palming the heat and the toaster will spark ya The chrome ruger will drop Jones Junior like Antonio Tarver Now you know he's a goner, I got bars like a charged phone From the view I see a bitch that's talking but you not a Star, Jones I'm a hard stone, you rough as a brillo Nah you that skittles type you bout as a dangerous as Sisqo...A midget troll; Conceited, he softer than a tissue role You ain't supposed to kiss and tell, but I kiss and told Hey, ya sister hole is deep enough to hide a fishing pole You a retard, ya coach told you to pick and roll This nigga started eating his boogers after he picked his nose Smelling his finger when he done wiping You a wanna be thug who'll do anything for a gun license Talking this ratchet and that one You wack son, I'll slap you with the plastic off a cap gun Fuck rhyming, why battle rap you? in a pillow fight Lush will call you a faggot, Plax might say you a pussy hole They see me, think of murder and torture But you softer than cookie dough I see you and see butterflies and tootsie rolls Cause' he the type to do the Butterfly and the tootsie roll Listen I'm the type that'll dick ya wife, you go down, you a muff diver Ya bitch gave me dome while you sit at home like an Umpire But you not safe, you better put on locks/LOX like a Ruff Ryder Cause' I roll with big semis like a truck tire and they open caps like a sun visor I'll run in his house and let the snub fire and then put the cans to ya 6 pack like Budweiser It don't matter what step you on Ars I'm one higher Cause' I'll be damned if I lose to elementary school bus driver That's not a punchline, that's a real fact!(“I had been reading naval history for years and years, and I knew a fair amount about the sea: I wrote the tale in little more than a month, laughing most of the time.”) The novel is a lark, and had, as its author later noted, “pleasant consequences.” Among those are the now seventeen volumes of the Aubrey-Maturin series, which are in many languages, including Japanese, and are justly famed.

The young man met the sea, and canvas, with delight (“ . During the war he and his wife drove ambulances and served in intelligence together.Delmore Schwartz, in an omnibus review (which has lately become famous along with O’Brian) including novels by Hemingway, Steinbeck, Waugh, and Angus Wilson, gave O’Brian pride of place and praise., a cheerful fiction based on Anson’s expedition to the Pacific in 1740.And I’m almost embarrassed with the excess of showmanship and emotion… TS: Yeah the Audio Musical™ genre HS: TM, trademarked as well I see!not emotion, maybe but the big dance numbers and the people bursting into song. I am very attracted to the use of song as a way of expressing the emotions of characters . TS: Yeah, you know how I trademarked it by the way? TS: I put a T and an M after the word HS: That’s very creative TS: Well I went the fuckin distance on that one. It took a long time to figure out this genre and figure out how much story there should be and how much song and how much narration versus voiceover.

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