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The upgrade also doubled the airport’s handling capacity to one million passengers per year, although the airport has no in-flight catering facilities.“Lufthansa has been making contacts with the ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority (Caaz) with a view to make a comeback into the country.German airline Lufthansa has exercised its option to take over Brussels Airlines fully, for the price of €2.6 million for the 55% share it does not already hold.The price appears exceptionally low for an airline recently valued at €200 million and which made €41.3 million in profit last year.The booked fare can be complemented with additional services by individually adding further options.Jens Bischof, Member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, said: “It is the wish of many customers to only pay for the services they actually make use of.Trump's executive orders on immigration have sparked a global outcry and criticism from both Democrats and Republicans in the US.

This comes as Ethiopian Airlines over the weekend introduced flights to Victoria Falls.Any further changes in the legal situation in the US would have an immediate impact on their policy, the spokesperson added.Lufthansa said earlier this week that some of its crew members had been impacted by the ban, and thus they had to rearrange schedules to put them on other flight routes, according to Die Welt.An agreement dating back to 2008, when Lufthansa bought 45% of the shares in the suffering airline gave it a price guarantee: the remaining shares would be sold at a fixed price at or before a September 2016 deadline.In other circumstances, Lufthansa ought to have paid some €150 million.

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