Most intimidating muscle cars

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Their answer was simple: "Some of the cars look pretty awesome."That got me to thinking.

"After an extended period of arguing that delved into incessant "uh-uhs" and "uh-huhs," I asked this acquaintance if there was one positive thing they had to say about NASCAR.

Things get truly disturbing when a final confrontation between the car and the entire Sheriff’s department reveals just who – or what – drives this wheeled menace.

The cutting-edge results often seemed "space age," at least for their time.During a recent conversation with an acquaintance, the topic shifted into the realm of NASCAR. It may be a sponsor, or a body style, or even a paint scheme. For many fans of NASCAR, myself included, one of the first things that draws us into the sport is how awesome some of the cars look.Some are made to represent a specific class level, showing the world that you have obnoxious amounts of money and that you can afford to put it into cars with built-in umbrellas in the doors. They were built during times that allowed for designers to express themselves to the fullest with crazy wings, bulbous fenders and bumpers, wild overuses of chrome, and incredibly sultry lines.And then there are the cars that (yes, we're copying ) are made with full intention of being four-wheeled, internal combustion-engined, steel-sculpted SEX. So, without holding you back any further, these are our selections for The 25 Sexiest Cars of All Time.

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