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During that time, it was learned that NDV caused only minor illness in humans.

The mild side effects caused by NDV in humans and its ability to replicate up to 10,000 times faster in human cancer cells than in most normal human cells, led complementary and alternative medicine researchers to look more closely at NDV as a possible cancer treatment.

MANNING Valley Free Range eggs is fighting a Choice campaign that brands its farms as "worse than a backpackers" on its campaign app 'Cluck AR'.

Choice is Australia's leading consumer advocacy group and its campaign 'Give A Cluck About Free Range Eggs' is highlighting the issue of farm stocking densities and the absence of a national standard for free range eggs.

This statement brought to the end 79 years for one of Tyneside's most senior clubs and one of the most, if not the, unique names in football.

The guide can be personalised to show you just your favourite channels and tv shows. Newcastle disease virus (NDV) is a virus that causes a deadly infection in many kinds of birds.In humans, NDV causes mild flu-like symptoms or conjunctivitis (an infection of the eye that is also called pink eye) and/or laryngitis (an irritation and swelling of the voice box and the area around it).In 1946/47, Blue Star resumed operations in the Tyneside Amateur League, winning the championship at the first attempt.In 1962/63 Blue Star moved into the Northern Combination and were champions in that first season and again in 1968/69.

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