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She played the lead female role in several hit Oriya movies like Babu I Love You, Mu Eka Tumara, Chocolate and Akashe Ki Ranga Lagila. Besides movies, she has recently achieved great success as a model.

He created Lushgunin (2011), a monoline hairline sans using grids and circles in the design. In 2012, he created the free typeface Grammatika (or Grammatica) out of Helvetica and DIN. AS Naya (2012) is a minimalist condensed sans family. In 2013, the following typefaces could be bought at Graphic River: AS Scripty, AS Vardo (hairline sans), AS Negal, AS Vino, AS Neo Medium, AS Amplo (a wide all caps sans), AS Neo, AS Bordo Regular, and AS Grammatika. [ Besarion Gugushvili (born 1945) is a Georgian politician and a former Prime Minister of the country.In 2013, he designed Melany, a Latin / Georgian sans titling font. Each of the two weights in the family contain all the characters needed to set modern Georgian, as well as additional symbols for the Old Georgian, Megrelian, Svan, Abkhazian and Ossetian languages. Speaker at ATyp I 2016 in Warsaw on Capital additions to Georgian typography. After the failure of the uprising and Gamsakhurdia's death, Gugushvili was granted political asylum in Finland. Other families less easy to locate include BPG Afxazeti (2005). Direct access to these BPG fonts: BPGAcademiuri UAm, BPGChveulebrivi Um, BPGClassic99U, BPGDumbadze U, BPGLortkipanidze U, BPGMikheil Stefane Um, BPGNino Khutsuri U, BPGPaata Khutsuri Mtavruli, BPGPaata Khutsuri U, BPGParisian U, BPGSan Ser Dina, BPGSans Serif UE, BPGSan Ser UE2, BPGSan Ser UE! The page also archives some fonts by others, such as Academiury-ITV, Coptic Normal, Coptic Normal_II, Cyrillic-Regular, Greek-garamond-1.1, Greek-garamond, Greek, Linear-B, Masis, Ultima-Runes----ALL-CAPS, gothic-1.Besarion Paata Gugushvili Gugushvili designed the Georgian glyphs for the Deja Vu typeface. , BPGSan Ser UEm, BPGSerif UE, BPGSys Var EU, BPGUcnobi U. [ Mark Leisher's creation: "Clearly U is a set of BDF (bitmap) 12 point, 100 dpi fonts that provides glyphs that can be used for Unicode text.Assamese Matrimonial, Bengali Matrimony, Hindi Matrimonials, Gujarati Matrimony, Kannada Matrimonials, Malayalee Matrimony, Marwadi Matrimonials, Marathi Matrimony, Tamil Matrimonials, Punjabi, Telugu Matrimony, Sindhi Matrimonial, Urdu Matrimonial, More...We understand that searching for the life partner is one of the most important and tasks of one's life.

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