Phantom of the opera dating quiz

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Someone who payed special attention to Carlotta will do even better.;) This is a quiz on Joel Shumacher's magnificent adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway musical, starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum.The one exception is Mementos, a sprawling randomly-generated Palace which serves as the main setting for sidequests.As near as I can tell, men are an unfathomable conundrum. He does not think to spend ten minutes fact-checking this information to see if you are actually gone, which you’re not. He makes sexually suggestive puns in your general direction and then tells you he hates all women. He trains you musically and then kidnaps you into his dungeon. He commits suicide for you because you are dead and he can’t imagine a life without you.

Through them, I've learned there are many ways to gauge a man’s level of interest (i.e.

You are an Ordinary High-School Student who has been falsely convicted of assault and sentenced to a year-long probation in Tokyo.

Public confidence in the government and justice system is falling, and the powerful elites of the city plot to turn these incidents to their advantage.

This direct movie variation, I thought, was the best movie I ever saw in my life.

It requires very keen look into the movie and awarness of the play. Enjoy : Fun Trivia welcomes the use of our website and quizzes in the classroomas a teaching aid or for preparing and testing students. · All questions, answers, and quiz content on this website is copyright Fun Trivia,2016.

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