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But at the same time, the water dripping down from the stone gargoyle above their heads was oddly revitalising, and it provided much needed refreshment after their thrilling night escapade.

Even though the drizzle ended some time ago, the collected water was still travelling down the pipes, pouring directly onto the heads of the two heroes.

She tried reasoning with him, but that made his kisses only grow in strength.

Once she turned her back to him and pressed it to his torso, she knew there was no escape from Chat's merciless hunger, especially after a night like that one, when both of them had to release their pent-up emotions.

I know you want some sign from me that you can make another move, but I’m so tired I’m barely functional, and I just can’t go there right now.

The fact that they were also soaking wet did not help Marinette, since the only thing she was able to think about was getting out of her costume - and it would seem Chat gladly shared that idea.

I slide the door open to check the towel rack, but there’s nothing there. I didn’t get up early enough for sex in the shower.” You lean in to me and kiss beneath my ear, brushing the wet hair away from my neck, and murmur “I can be quick and you’ll still love it.” I reach for your lips, giving in with a kiss, trapping your tongue with mine as I reach my leg up and brace my foot on the shower bench.

You reach one hand under my thigh and lift it up higher, opening me up and pressing your cock against me. As good as this feels, you’re too tall to make this work comfortably.

As we talked, our conversation naturally turned to tips and tricks for keeping life in balance. These are the daily habits I’ve cultivated to not only survive, but to thrive, in the stressful world of entrepreneurship.

I’d get Sara back to Samovar for a followup chat soon! Read on for details.) Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my personal success rituals.

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