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Oklahoma's Own News9is proud to provide Oklahomans with timely and relevant news and information, sharing the stories, pictures and loves of Oklahomans across our great state including Oklahoma City's Own.

On the pages there is recounting of her early life and dazzling career that included working with two musical theater masters, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, as well as many of Hollywood's top actors, including Marlon Brando, Jimmy Stewart and Richard Widmark.

In 1925, the Oklahoma A&M program joined the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

In 1928, the MVIAA split into the Big Six Conference and the Missouri Valley Conference.

A&M was the only large school that joined the smaller MVC.

Jim Lookabaugh led the Cowboys for eleven seasons, which included a 9–0 campaign and a National Championship in 1945 which followed an 8–1 season the year before.

For comic relief: Jones' rants about the New World Order are interspersed with rants against his ideological kindred who, by their own account, have organized to fight the New World Order: the Islamic jihadis. That's how they roll, just massive, MASSIVE murder operations. I'm like a chimpanzee, in a tree, jumping up and down, warning other chimpanzees when I see a big cat coming through the woods… Because I'm sitting in a tree going OOH OOH OOH AAH AAH AAHThey've got operations so big, grabbin your kids, they CPS 'em right out, Child Protection Services, they're on a jet, to one of — two dozen countries. And lotta times when they hit 25 years old, they — y'know, 10,000 men have had sex with 'em, they've had 30, 40 abortions, they've been used up in ways that are so hellish you can't even imagine, [slaps table] they just walk 'em right out, shoot 'em in the back of the head, and throw 'em in a vat of acid.He adheres to the notion that the NWO will be ruled by the Antichrist, who will eventually be defeated by Jesus after the events of the Book of Revelation have taken place.Frankly, a real NWO transporting him from lunatic asylum to radio show in order to cast doubt on conspiracy theories doesn't seem so crazy.

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