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Many experts have stood by a 1988 carbon -14 dating of scraps of the cloth.The unique herringbone twill weave and the stitching pattern of the Turin Shroud has only been seen in .radiocarbon dating to determine the age of the linen from which the shroud .

This book, co-written by Fanti and Saverio Gaeta, is the exciting account of a discovery and the story of the extraordinary historical events of the most precious and revered relic of Christianity. The book apparently documents the recent Shroud testing done by Fanti and his research team at the University of Padua and reports the results of some chemical and mechanical tests they performed which they claim "confirms that the Shroud dates back to the 1st century." A pretty powerful statement for sure, but that is not the major problem.There is very little data about the samples tested by Oxford, Zurich and Arizona: no chemical analysis has been published and most of the photographic evidence is not sufficiently detailed.However, further evidence of encrustation is visible in the Oxford photographs.14 Below is a comparison of the 3 samples tested at higher magnification (the Shroud, Thebes and Nubia).However a new study claims than an earthquake in Jerusalem in.27 08 - New analysis of DNA from the Shroud of Turin reveals that people from .

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