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I love doing things that scare me as well as classic American novels and poetry. I am a open minded and Eco chic lesbian artist looking for new friends within the community who share a passion for art, wine and the Earth.

SV males are mainly engineers and computer intellectuals. You generally won't want to hang out in SJ, though. But to say "you generally won't want to hang out in SJ, though" is disingenuous.Luckily, for all you single Santa Claritan's who are lacking skills in the relationship area, two women have started a business that just might help you find that soulmate you've fantasized so much about.Uma Chopra and Sophia Fernandez, founders of We Match, have embarked on a mission to help local business professionals find true love.casual, movie watching, adventurous story telling, four wheeling' grown up who's comfortable in my own skin and confident, shares my time with family, friends and my pets. I'm all about making meaningful relationships with people. I am a size 12 herbivor and healthy minded person always in search of ways to grow as a individual and artist. I'm made of fuzzy caterpillars, furbys, rainbows, Chinese food, vampires, jackalopes, nerds, candy, cats and technology :) I'm a full time college student and I work as a trombone tutor at a middle school.I enjoy traveling and meeting new people along the way. I enjoy things that stimulate the senses..conversation, good books, good food, good music, you know what I mean...:) I'm … I love everything vintage and my favorite holiday is Halloween:) I also recently began my …

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