Sober dating ideas

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Every night of the week at this underground West Village bar you'll find live music (Latin jazz, for example) and games like foosball, ping pong, and chess -- all of which guarantee there will be zero awkward silences. Three times a day at the Central Park Zoo (am, pm, and pm), visitors can watch the sea lion feedings before taking a stroll around the central gardens.

While the whole aphrodisiac thing has mostly been debunked, oyster happy hour is never a bad idea (assuming your date isn't allergic to shellfish...).

With fun dates likes these, who needs liquid courage?

Beaches and pools give you an awesome opportunity to get to know someone, in a fun environment that isn’t surrounded by booze.When thinking of a first date, the scene is familiar: a fun local bar to grab a drink. Trust me, there are a lot of great first date ideas that don't involve alcohol. It's a great way to learn a new skill and enjoy learning it with someone new.Drinking doesn’t “guarantee comfort or confidence by any means,” says Los Angeles based therapist Dr. For the non-drinkers out there or people who want to try dating without liquor, here are some fun opportunities:1. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice in the kitchen or if you consider yourself a master chef.With so many different things to do, it’ll be hard to get bored!The beach and the pool are great places to be active and play, which can help you both get a taste of your date’s personality.

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