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You can still, in the stalls of the more ancient Oxford and Cambridge Colleges, find lovely hand-worn leather-bound Prayer Books which contain these lost, forgotten services.

They always make me think of the (fictional) special anti-Cromwell edition of the Prayer Book which forms the core of M. James’s interesting ghost story ‘The Uncommon Prayer Book’.

The league will have no shortage of variables to consider before they make their final decision on which city the final club will call home.

We cannot possibly cover all of the things that the league needs to consider in one shot, but we can certainly take a look at some of the key consideration points.

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But we all knew the story of Charles the Second’s escape and his concealment in the oak tree (hence all those pubs called ' The Royal Oak') , which was then part of history, which stretched a good way further back into the past, through many more open doors than there are now, and has now become legend (and will no doubt eventually become myth, or is it the other way round? Oak Apple Day was officially abolished in 1859, when the highly political Church services marking the defeat of the Gunpowder Plot and the execution or martyrdom of Charles the First were also got rid of.

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I read in Wikipedia that those who failed to wear a sprig of oak leaves that day risked being pelted with birds’ eggs, thrashed with nettles or pinched on the behind, which suggests to me that it has its origins in something much, much older than the Restoration.

It was supposed to be celebrated ‘for ever’ on 29th May, in commemoration of the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, and of the escape abroad of Charles II (partly by hiding in an oak tree at Boscobel) , after his defeat by Cromwell at Worcester.

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