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He is gone a long time so Jenny follows and discovers him having sex with the waiter in the toilet. Mia meets another date, superficially self-assured surgeon Stephen, though she shocks him by telling him that when she was an escort girl he paid her for sex.The TV show involves a group of singletons travelling to a tropical island for three days, during which they cast their clothes to one side in a bid to find the man or woman of their dreams.This clip below only leaves one major question — where do they put the microphones? Creator Bryan Elsley conceived the idea of Dates in December 2011/January 2012, stating "a date is a very complex and grown up interaction between two people. Everyone knows the difficulty of spending an hour or so in someone's company that you haven't met before. The network today confirmed a local version of international hit First Dates is in production, a show that films couples and their awkward first moments together.Afterwards, the duo are asked to discuss their connection and decide whether or not they would be interested in sharing another date together.Five seasons of the show have aired in Britain, and Australia has also screened a local version of the show, sparking plenty of awkward laughter and cringing at the dates.

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'Celeste' arrives but is actually called Mia and proceeds to be offensive to him and the waitress.

Kiwis around the country tuned in to see who of the remaining two bachelorettes would be going home with Jordan Mauger and who would be going home without a rose.

The season, which aired two full episodes a week, Monday and Tuesday nights during the prime timeslot of 7.30pm on TV3, pulled in an average audience of 219,400 viewers within the key 25-54 year-old demographic. Fleur * Recap: The Bachelor NZ, Episode 19 - The Final * The Bachelor NZ: Former bachelorette Alysha give her verdict on 'Flordan' * The Bachelor NZ reunion: what we want to know both out-rating their competitors in select demographics last night," a TV3 statement read.

TV3 has so far revealed little about its plans for the show, including where it will be filmed, but has confirmed that shooting will commence in September.

Tabloids speculated earlier in the year that the station was looking for locations in the Maldives.

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