Validating web site security

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In the walkthrough, you will create a page for a Web site that allows visitors to request a reservation.Because the purpose of the walkthrough is to illustrate validation, the nature of the reservation is not important (for example, if could be for a restaurant, a community center meeting room, or something else), and the page does not actually process the reservation.Because of the frequency of these poor security practices, it strikes me as important to gather good practices that address these problems in one place and to make them publicly available to Web server administrators, Web developers, and Webmasters.For those of you who haven't considered all these factors in managing your Web resources, I recommend dealing with what you have left unconsidered as quickly as possible.You will also create a custom validator with code that you write, which illustrates how you can add your own logic to the validation framework in the page.Finally, you will learn how you can validate user input conditionally, depending on choices that the user makes in a page.The page you create will prompt the user for an e-mail address, the number of people to reserve for, and a preferred date.

Employing a security procedures checklist is only the first step toward securing a resource, a means of aiding your memory before you apply your critical thinking skills and imagination to the problem of improving on the checklist in each individual case.This can lead to system crashes, malicious database manipulation, and even database corruption.Several attacks can be run against a Web application that insert malformed data — often, too much at once — which can confuse, crash, or make the Web application divulge too much information to the attacker.[Links checked February/10/2017] User’s input can be validated on the server and on the client (web browser).Thus we have server-side and client-side validation. In the server-side validation, information is being sent to the server and validated using one of server-side languages.

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