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Perusal of the CCG (the one online is the TC1&2/TC3 version, containing the altered Enginespecs Locomotive kinds from the TRS2004/TRS2006 AND UTC data models.) is highly recommended to any users of the Trainz Download Station or anyone contemplating creating content.These tags and containers are standard definitions which are likely found in nearly all assets.But as Trainz grows, so does the demands on the technology we use.To bring you a richer user experience and provide more up to date services and tools, we need to first build a strong and solid foundation.since late 2008), with only gradual (incremental) changes imposed since by the N3V programmers.

Tags are keywords, and have a single assigned key-value or containers such as a string-array or .Planet Auran is Changing By Shaine Bennett, October 17 2014 Planet Auran is changing.For a long time, Planet Auran has been the center of the Trainz experience, loosely tying together and connecting different services that exist under the Trainz brand.The Trainz system software's unique database reference number for an asset, also extended to track multiple versions in the KUID2 form.The heart and soul of Trainz upgradability, and modular design of assets, as each asset has it's own unique kuid code, so one can specify a component (bogeys) or entire Traincar from another, and selectively replace either in a new asset (re-skin or modified truck).

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