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Ray J, the rapper and former lover of legendary singer Whitney Houston, apparently had his final moments with the deceased star's body marred by an unsavoury incident involving the police dispatched to the scene of her death.

Houston, who was 48 when she died, was found in the bathtub in a Beverly Hills hotel room suite.

From his spot outside the suite, Ray J reportedly heard a "disrespectful comment" made followed by raucous laughter, according to TMZ.

Incensed, Ray tried to storm the room but was held back by sentinel officers.

If Ray's version of the incident is true, it would corroborate with evidence recently given by a police officer who was at the scene who has filed a complaint report against one of his colleagues.

Sergeant Brian Weir was at the scene of Houston's death and heard one of his co-workers, Det Sgt Nutall allegedly make some rather untoward comments regarding the star's naked cadaver."Nutall, for no legitimate [reason] knelt beside and leaned over the decedent [and] removed the sheet and/or other covering from the body of the decedent to an area below the pubic region of the decedent's body," says Weir's complaint, filed in Los Angeles on the 11 September.

After more laughter, Ray tried again to gain entry to the suite but was repeatedly denied entry and eventually removed from the floor.

show|1679030|video|733105 Most recently, Whitney and Ray were seen canoodling in Los Angeles.

One glance at the title of Ray J’s unreleased interview, and it’s very clear what it’s about!

Let’s just say it’s a particularly gross review that nobody asked for.

Raydiation eventually sold over 400,000 copies domestically.

where he played the character D-Mack for the final season.

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