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Some people watch Downton Abbey and long for a time long past; I say, let's keep this kind of rubbish in the past where it belongs.Last night's season finale revealed that Ethel is offered a fresh start elsewhere, [Isobel Crawley says her move to life as a maid in Cheadle will allow her to be “washed clean” of her past] which amounts more or less to 'let us never speak of this again, ok?' It's about as edifying as an evening spent watching paint dry, only with added shame.

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(All we'll say is hello actor-who-plays-Mr.-Bates Brendan Coyle! Spoiler-ish alert: If you haven't seen any of season 2, you're about to meet some new characters.

Authoritative Rob Edwards commands the stage as King Leontes, the seeds of his jealousy at his wife’s flirtation with his friend quickly growing out of all proportion.

Despite all advice and evidence to the contrary, Leontes is blinkered, talking himself into believing she had been unfaithful and so setting in motion a series of events which leads him to lose all he loves.

A ‘pinch yourself’ moment if ever there was one.“It was quite surreal,” she says.“I just couldn’t believe I was in the same room as her.”But instead of shouting her news from the rooftop, the former Emmerdale actress kept the excitement of Downton and its anticipated plot within the confinements of her workplace, to prevent anything from leaking.“My agent sent me to the auditions in January.“I filmed seven or eight scenes and then the scripts were taken from you,” she says.

Having now completed her Downton journey Amy makes sure to share her news with former colleagues and her pals from Hertfordshire’s Arts Head School, where she managed to earn herself a scholarship.

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