Who is george lucas dating

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This fascination with languages eventually helped Tolkien attain a position as Merton Professor of English Language and Literature at Oxford, concentrating on philology.

He spent most of his free time inventing "faerie languages": "Quenya" is reminiscent of Finnish, "Sindarin" of Welsh.

For instance, the English word "excruciating" alludes to the story of the crucifixion of Christ.

Despite these factors, Lucas still maintains a reputation, in the words of author Sarah L.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t care about such things and so she surprised us all with a freak snowstorm.

The Commodore was a cavern at one third of capacity but the hardy few had a wonderful time dancing in the open space and eating the extra food! It was the day of the 30 Anniversary Party, we were on Day 3 of Stormageddon and the professional weather folks were talking up that we’d be in for a doozy of rain and high winds.

(August 23, 1936 March 13, 2001) was an American criminal, convicted of murder and once listed as America's most prolific serial killer. He once flatly stated "I am not a serial killer" in a letter to researcher Brad Shellady.

Lucas confessed to involvement in about 3,000 murders, an average of about one murder per day between his release from prison in mid-1975 to his arrest in mid-1983.

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