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“All of this totally took a toll on his relationship with Sami,” the source explained.

He said: "A girl can tell I like her when I blush or start telling bad jokes."But Zac is usually comfortable with showing his feelings. He said: "I was walking behind somebody who I thought was the girl I was at a party with, and I lifted her up and whirled her around... star always thinks he has a certain type, he still finds himself falling for girls that lack the qualities he is looking for. It looks like the hunky Hollywood star has moved on from his summer fling with Michelle Rodriguez and cozied up to a new possible love interest—and her name is Sami Miró. News the pair was spotted grabbing a meal together at Food Lab in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon, and Efron was overheard introducing Miro to a fellow patron as his "girlfriend."Whether or not that means what we think it means, there's no denying that Efron and Miró have been spending a lot of time together lately.The possible new couple were most recently snapped by shutterbugs arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark, over the weekend, where they attempted to stay somewhat incognito by wearing hoodies, hats and dark shades. Yes, we know not all of their relationships were confirmed, but for the most part, it must be pretty awkward to be linked to so many of the same people! In honor of the ultimate Disney Channel heartthrob's birthday, we decided to take a look back at all of his relationships, romances and flings.

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    – It's been awhile since we've brought news to you and we apologize for that.

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    Insiders say Gibson, who's African-Canadian, was a major force in developing a then-struggling Gaga in to the pop star whose won praise the world over for work that Gibson directed -- and work that Gibson wasn't afraid to say was inspired by iconic black artists.

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    The kicker: She knew she was into him before she knew how he earned a living. "Tinder -- it's the best invention ever," he says with a hearty laugh, as if he can't believe his good fortune. "I'll send a comment, and if they reply, you ask for a date.

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    Only mutual matches can message each other — both parties have to “swipe right”, so you can be as selective as you want.